Our Facilities

The school campus is a comfortable place to learn music. The spatial environment allows students to untie their burden and free up their souls for better learning of music. The facilities here are also tailor-made for our students in different type of studies, from piano to vocal, from childhood to adults.

Music Studios

We have music studios for the use of piano, violin, vocal and other music classes. All are equipped with an upright piano or an electric piano. Our music studios are guarded by soundproof doors and wall to minimize the disturbance made during the classes.

Yamaha Grand Piano

We have a Yamaha grand piano for recital, concert, private class and practice purposes. Students have the access to the grand piano to experience the richness and the brilliant, singing tone that a grand piano can offer.

Theory Classroom

The theory classroom is a room used for music theory studies. Students learn the theory of music in a group basis inside this spatial room.

Children’s Music Room

The children’s music room is a room equipped with keyboards, percussions and other interesting tools for children of age 6 and below in their exciting Early Childhood Music classes. Through fun learning and joyful games children can develop healthy body, mind and soul.

Recital Hall

On the highest floor, the third floor, we have a recital hall for the usage of musical events and concert. Our students have the opportunity to perform on stage to an audience to gain their performance experience as a training to become a better performer in the future. It is a precious time when students can share music as well as to build up self-confidence on stage.


The school is fully air-conditioned. This gives the students a comfortable and cool environment to study in this tropical country.

Waiting Hall

A comfortable waiting hall is prepared for parents waiting for their children or students waiting for their class to start. Magazines and music journals are prepared for reading during the waiting period.