The most famous instrument played by people of every age, piano is widely used in solo performances, accompaniment, ensemble, composing and many more.




Singing (Vocal)

The production of musical sounds using the human voice, singing can be done for pleasure or in formal occasions. Vocal training is essential for good production of a singing voice.





The violin, informally called a ‘fiddle’, is the most well-known string instrument. It is the smallest and the highest-pitched instrument in the family. A violin can be a good mate to one who learns to play it.





Folk and Pop Guitar

Guitar, a plucked string instrument, is usually played using fingers or a ‘pick’. It is an enjoyable instrument which everyone can learn to play either for leisure or on stage.




Theory of Music

The study of how music works, Theory of Music is a must for anyone who wants to acquaint music.


Early Childhood Music Education

The teaching of music on children as an important education for children’s development.