Melody Music School

Melody Music School was established in 1985 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The School is one of the music institutes in Malaysia that provides students with technical skills and performance experiences, as well as great joy through the wide variety of music lessons and courses offered specially for the adults and kids at various age groups. All music courses in the school are conducted by dedicated, experienced and qualified instructors of music in their disciplines. Melody Music School students are well educated and guided to become a musician of high caliber.

Why Melody?

Melody Music School has been nurturing musicians of highest caliber for the more than 25 years since its establishment in 1985. Its great achievements have proved that Melody Music School is a place where children and adults can come to study music of better quality.

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Our Courses

Melody Music School offers a variety of courses for everyone who intends to learn music, to upgrade one’s musical skills, and even to be educated as a professional musician.

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Our Musicians

Musicians in Melody Music School, no matter students or teachers, are of great technical abilities as well as excellent musicianship. Some even excel to an international level of competency.

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